In the event our office is closed due to severe weather please see the following info. If you have a claim
or need to make a payment please call your specific insurance company directly as they all have 24/7
claims reporting availability. The phone # can be found on your auto insurance ID card or your home
insurance policy. Our website has info and an insurance company phone list
available by clicking the link at 24/7 claims. If you need temporary repairs or board up services contact
a restoration company and take photos of the damage before temporary repairs and keep your

You may also call our office and listen to the prompts to get claim related info and insurance company
phone #'s.

If you need to make a payment links and phone #'s for most Companies are available on our website

Disaster Preparedness - Are You Ready?

Although we can't prevent a natural disaster, preparing for emergencies ahead of time can ensure the
safety of your family and help reduce damage to your property. Here are some ways you can prepare
for a disaster:

Create an Emergency Plan

Make sure your family knows what to do during an emergency.
Designate an emergency meeting spot and practice drills.
Teach all adult and teen family members how to shut off electrical, gas and water utilities.
Learn emergency evacuation routes.
Know the warning signals and alerts for your area.
Purchase a weather radio and/or download weather apps to stay informed of weather conditions.
Make a plan for pets. Consider a microchip implant, and make sure your contact information is up-to

FEMA has put together a Family Emergency Plan template.
Print it out, and make disaster preparedness a family activity.

Build A Survival Kit

When disaster strikes, you may need to evacuate with very little notice. If you are stranded at home,
emergency officials will be on the way to help, but they may not be able to reach you immediately. It is
important to prepare both evacuation and at-home emergency kits. At minimum, each survival kit
should contain the following items:
Water (1 gallon per person, per day)
Non-perishable food
Weather Radio
First aid kit
Blankets or sleeping bags
Multi-purpose tool
Manual can opener
Medication list and important medical information
Family and emergency contact information
Sanitation and personal hygiene items
Pet supplies (collar, leash, carrier, food, bowl)
Games and activities for children
Extra clothing

Stock your kit with enough food, water and other essentials to last for at least 72 hours for evacuations.
When preparing your at-home survival kit, be sure to maintain a 2-week supply of all items.
You should also consider making copies of the following documents to keep in each kit:
Medication list
Health records
Proof of address
Passports/birth certificates
Insurance policies
Deed/lease to home

For additional information about building an emergency kit, visit

Protect Your Family and Property From Hurricanes

Hurricane season takes place from June 1 to September 30, usually peaking in late August through
September. Hurricane hazards include heavy rainfall, flooding, high winds and even tornadoes. While
hurricanes cannot be prevented, the following procedures can keep your family safe and reduce
damage to your property.

Close your windows, doors, and hurricane shutters. If you do not have hurricane shutters, use 3/4" outdoor
plywood boards for each window and door of your home.
Shut off all utilities (gas, electricity, water).
Unplug small appliances.
Bring in anything that can become airborne in high winds (bikes, patio furniture, flower pots).
Make sure your yard is free of any trees or landscaping that could become wind hazards during a
Turn your refrigerator and freezer to the coldest setting, and keep them closed so that food stays fresh
longer if the power goes out.
Do not use grills or store propane tanks inside the house or garage.
Review our Flood Safety section to learn what to do in the event of a flood.
Know Where to Take Shelter From Tornadoes

While most tornadoes occur in the Tornado Alley region, they can occur nearly anywhere at any time.
Tornadoes can strike quickly, with little or no warning, and can accompany thunderstorms, tropical
storms, and hurricanes. Peak tornado season in the southern states is March through May.

Tornado danger signs include:
Dark, sometimes greenish sky
Large hail
Loud, continuous roar or rumble
Low-lying clouds with a rotating base

If you see a tornado or any of the danger signs, take shelter immediately.
Review FEMA's advice for shelter.

Review Your Insurance Policy

Make sure your property is adequately protected. Once a year, contact your agent to review your
insurance policy. If you have made any recent purchases or renovated your property, you may need to
adjust your coverage.

Below is a list of restoration companies that offer emergency services for all types of property damage
including but not limited to wind, hail, vandalism, water, fire, and smoke damage. They can also provide
turnkey repair services for many types of property damage.

Neither the Insurance Companies we represent nor this agency are associated with or in any way
guarantees the quality of work or service these companies provide. Nor does your Insurance Company
or this agency recommend these companies over any others, however we are providing
the name and telephone numbers of known, reputable companies who can assist you.

We suggest you contact all of them and chose who you feel will be the best qualified to assist you in
your particular situation. They will be working directly for you, the homeowner, not the Insurance
Company nor this agency.

The Insurance Company only pays the cost of cleanup and repairs, which are over your insurance policy
deductible and approved by the Insurance Company Adjuster. This agency has no authority to authorize
cleanup nor repairs and payment for neither cleanup nor repairs.


SERVICEMASTER (281) 242-5777



SERVPRO OF RIVER OAKS (713) 666-9222

SERVPRO OF SUGAR LAND (281) 313-1338

XTRAC RESTORATION (281) 854-2377

SERVICEMASTER (800) 737-7663

SERVPRO (800) 737-8776
Company Claim's Reporting Phone & Fax Numbers

You may call the company direct to report a claim. Provide us with your
assigned claim number and info when we are available and we will follow
up on details of claim and assist you where required. If you have any
questions we are always happy to assist you.

21st Century Insurance:Phone (888) 244-6163

AAA Insurance:Phone (800) 672-5246

ACE Insurance: Phone: (800) 945-7461

ACE European Group, Ltd: Call your Agent

AIG Auto Insurance:Phone (888) 244-6163

AIG Private Client:Phone (888) 760-9195

Allied Home Warranty:Phone (866) 791-1200

Allied Insurance (Nationwide): Phone: (800) 532-1436

Allstate Insurance: Phone: (800) 386-6126

America First Insurance:Phone (877) 263-7890

American Home Shield:Phone: (888) 247-4777

American Mercury Lloyds Insurance:Phone (800) 503-3724

American Modern Insurance:Phone (800) 375-2075

American National Insurance:Phone: (800) 333-2860

American National Health Insurance:Phone: (800) 899-6805 Fax: (409) 621-3097

American Risk Insurance: Phone: (866) 635-9959

American Summit:Phone (800) 749-6419

Amica Insurance Phone (800) 242-6422

ASI Lloyds Insurance: Phone: (866) 274-5677 Fax: (866) 274-3299

Atlas General Agency - Tower Hill Signature Ins Co. : Phone: (888) 786-0003
Claim Emergency Hot Line: (972) 310-7016

Bankers Insurance Group: Phone (800) 765-9700 Fax (877) 541-4084

Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health: Phone: (800) 521-2227

Centauri Specialty Insurance: Phone (866) 318-4113 also (866) 789-4228

Central Insurance: Phone: (888) 263-2924

Charter Oak Fire Insurance:Phone (800) 252-4633

Chubb Insurance:Phone (800) 252-4670

City National Insurance Company: Phone (844) 878-7529

Colonial County Mutual Insurance: Phone: (800) 423-7675 Fax: (480) 483-6752

Commercial Alliance Insurance: (800) 235-8784

Companion Commercial Insurance (Frontier): Phone (866) 780-1901

Conifer Insurance: Phone (877) 263-6468

Consumers County Mutual:Phone (800) 676-5603

Cypress Texas Lloyds Insurance: Phone: (877) 560-5224 Fax: (877) 352-9773

Dairyland County Mutual Insurance: Phone: (800) 833-2244

Dallas National Insurance: Phone: (800) 533-0457 Fax: (800) 650-9055

Encompass Insurance: Phone: (800) 588-7400

Esurance Insurance Services: Phone: (800) 378-7262

Farm Bureau Insurance: Phone (800) 224-7936

Farmers Flood Insurance: Phone: (888) 391-2810 Fax: (877) 270-4329

Farmers Help Point-All Farmers Insurance claims: Phone: (800) 435-7764

Federated National Insurance Co.: Phone: (800) 780-8423

Fireman's Fund Insurance: Phone: (888) 347-3428

Foremost County Mutual Insurance: Phone (800) 527-3907

Foremost Insurance Group - Other than Auto: Phone (800) 527-3907

Foremost Insurance Group - Auto: Phone (800) 274-7865

Fred Loya Insurance: Phone: (800) 880-0472

Frontier Insurance:Phone (866) 780-1901

GAINSCO Insurance: Phone (800) 699-1561

GEICO: Phone (800) 841-3000

Geovera Specialty Insurance Company Phone: (800) 232-3347

GMAC Auto Insurance:Phone (800) 468-3466

Golden Rule Health Insurance:Phone: (800) 474-4467

Gulfstream P&C Insurance: Phone (866) 485-3004

Hagerty Collector Car:Phone (800) 762-2628

Hartford Insurance Auto & Home: (800) 243-5860

Hartford Insurance Commercial: (800) 327-3636

Home State County Mutual Insurance: (800) 947-7385

Homeowners of America Insurance: Phone: (866) 407-9896

Horace Mann Insurance: Phone: (800) 999-1030

Imperial Fires & Casualty Insurance Company Phone: (888) 522-8242

Intercontinental Warranty: Phone: (800) 333-3028 Fax: (954) 698-0488

IDS Property Casualty Insurance: Phone (888) 404-5365

ITT Hartford Insurance: Phone: (800) 243-5860

Infinity Insurance: Phone: (800) 334-1661

Lexington Insurance: Phone: (800) 252-3439 or (877) 873-9972

Liberty County Mutual Insurance: Phone (877) 263-7890

Liberty Mutual Insurance: Phone (800) 225-2467

Lighthouse Property Insurance Phone (877) 852-0606

Lincoln General Insurance: Phone (877) 717-5442

Lloyds Certain UW at Lloyds: Call your Agent

Maison Insurance (877) 864-4934

Maryland Casualty Insurance (Zurich): Phone (888) 279-9375

Mercury County Mutual:Phone (800) 503-3724

Mercury Insurance Group: Phone (800) 503-3724

Met Life Insurance: Phone: (800) 857-6011

National Flood Insurance Program:Fax: (800) 767-5574

National General Insurance Phone: (877) 468-3466

National Lloyds Insurance: Phone: (800) 749-6419 Fax: (254) 399-0789

Nationwide Insurance: Phone: (800) 421-3535

New Century Insurance (RVOS): Phone (800) 611-9894

Northern Insurance Co of New York (Zurich): Phone (888) 279-9375

Northfield Pawn Broker Program:Phone (602) 265-9763

Occidental Fire & Casualty Insurance Co.: Phone (800) 780-8423

Old American Insurance: (888) 879-8363

Pacific Specialty Insurance: Phone: (800) 962-1172 Fax: (650) 780-4848

Peerless Indemnity Insurance:Phone (877) 263-7890

Pillar Insurance Co.: Phone: (800) 780-8423

Priority One (RVOS): Phone (800) 611-9894

Progressive Insurance:Phone: (800) 274-4499

Prudential Insurance: Phone: (800) 437-3535

Republic Insurance:Phone (800) 451-0286

Republic-Vanguard Insurance:Phone (800) 344-2275

RVOS Insurance: Phone (800) 611-9894

Safeco Insurance: Phone: (800) 332-3226

Scottsdale Insurance:Phone (800) 423-7675

Southern County Mutual Insurance:Phone: (800) 677-5170

State Auto Insurance:Phone (800) 766-1853 Fax (888) 999-8095

State Farm Insurance: Auto Phone: (888) 257-6077 Property Phone: (888) 208-3017

Stillwater Insurance Group: (800) 849-6140

Stonington Lloyds Insurance: Phone: (866) 255-4920

Texas Fair Plan:Phone (877) 763-4543

Texas Farm Bureau Insurance: Phone (800) 224-7936

Texas Mutual Insurance:Phone: (800) 892-5846 Fax: (877) 404-7999

Texas Windstorm Insurance Association:Fax: (512) 899-4953

Travelers Insurance: Phone: (800) 252-4633 Fax: (713) 268-7995

Unicare Health Insurance: Individual Ph: 800-718-9355 Group Ph: 800-725-9355

United HealthCare Insurance: Phone: (800) 842-8000

Unitrin:Phone (800) 933-8788

Unitrin County Mutual:Phone (888) 933-8788

Universal Insurance: Phone (800) 288-8050

UNUM/Provident Disability Insurance: Phone (800) 451-7147

UPC Insurance: Phone (888) 256-3378 & (800) 861-4370

USAA Insurance: (800) 531-8222

USF&G Specialty Insurance:Phone: (800) 656-6556 Fax: (954) 735-0317

Velocity Risk Underwriters - City National Ins. Co.: Phone (844) 878-7529

Wright Flood Insurance:Phone (800) 725-9472 Fax (877) 270-4329

Zurich Insurance:Phone (888) 279-9375


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