Texans Insurance &
Financial Group is an
independent insurance
agency that has served the
greater Sugar Land, Texas
area since 1991. Whether
you need insurance for your
home, your car, your rental
properties or your business,
you can feel confident that
you have found an
organization with a proven
history to take care of all of
your insurance needs.
We specialize in
competitively priced, quality
Texas homeowners
insurance coverage. Our
sophisticated computers
shop many insurance
companies that can provide
you with the homeowners
coverage you want, at a
very competitive price many
times resulting in better
coverage than you currently
have at a lower cost.
Texas has special
insurance concerns that
drive the cost of insurance.
We work to provide you
with solutions to the rising
cost of all types of
insurance in southeastern
Texas and throughout the
Lone Star State. Since we
are a full-service agency,
we offer low cost solutions
for Texas homeowners,
auto, flood, motorcycle,
boat, renters, RV, as well
as health and life insurance.
Texans Insurance &
Financial Group also offers
coverage for your Texas
business insurance needs.
Whether it's General
Liability, Commercial
Property, Commercial Auto
or Workers Comp
insurance coverage, we
can design a competitive,
affordable insurance
package that is tailored to
your needs. As an
independent full-service
insurance agency, we can
also assist your business
with Professional Liability,
Group Life, and Texas
Group Health Insurance.
(281) 277-7800
(800) 747-6140 toll free
(281) 277-7801 fax

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